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courses (10K) The Education Unit delivers a variety of courses relating to clinical research. These courses aim to support investigators and members of the research team involved in any aspect of clinical research.

We work closely with our partners in the NHS, Higher Education Institutes and Research & Development departments to provide a service that is tailored to meet the needs of researchers and associated staff.

Further details on forthcoming courses are available at:

Clinical Research Pathway 1, 2, 3, 4….a step by step training guide to support researchers in the conduct of clinical research.

Currently Available Courses and Workshops

  1. Planning Clinical Research

    • Introduction to Clinical Research
    • Being Well Read - How to Read a Scientific Paper
    • Thinking Like a Researcher - How to Ask the Right Question
    • Right from Wrong - Clinical Research Ethics in Practice
    • Blueprints - Protocol Writing Workshop
    • Show me the Money - Finding Funding for Clinical Research
  2. Doing Clinical Research

    • NRS Introduction to Good Clinical Practice
    • Update on Good Clinical Practice
    • Good Clinical Practice for Research (Non-drug Trials)
    • Bandages to Brain Scanners - Good Clinical Practice for Medical Device Studies
    • Recipes for Success - SOP Writing Workshop
    • Finders, Keepers - Recruitment & Retention in Clinical Trials
    • Informed Consent in Research - Legal & Ethical Issues in Consent (Adults)
    • Informed Consent in Research - Legal & Ethical Issues in Consent (Children)
    • Data Management for Researchers
    • CTIMP Workshop
    • Laboratory Workshop
    • Introduction to Medical Statistics - Part 1
    • Medical Statistics (Correlation and Regression) - Part 2
    • Medical Statistics (Hypothesis Testing) - Part 3
    • Power and Sample Size course for Statistical Studies
  3. Communicating Clinical Research

    • Abstract Expression - Writing Effective Abstracts for Conferences & Papers
    • The Big Picture - Writing an Effective Literature Review
    • Lecturing with Ease - A Guide to Giving Effective Presentations
    • Poster Paints - How to Design a Conference Poster
    • The Write Stuff - A Short Scientifc Writing course
    • @Research - Social Media for Researchers
    • SWIPE - Designing Effective Slides
  4. Generic Professional Skills

    • Tick, Tock - Effective Time Management in Research
    • The Road Less Travelled - Decision Making in Practice
    • Putting it Together - Successful Project Management in Research

We also offer courses in other areas of Scotland - register for these through
Clinical Research Training for Scotland

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